2013.01.16 【Best News】 Photo: Red House: Taipei's cultural and creative center
Photo: Red House: Taipei''s cultural and creative center

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Red House Hing building completed in 1908 to date have reached the Centennial, is Taiwan''s first official construction of the public market, and also save today across the island''s oldest complete three monuments market buildings. Taiwan Governor worked from the time of construction and repair lessons, specializing in the architectural style of the Western, Japanese architect Kondo Juro design. daring young creative ''gossip modeling'' whichever the Octagon studded intended as the entrance to the market, ''cross shape'' as the main features of the market, not only unprecedented, it is East the first case in the history of the West building. everyone called the Octagon and Cross floor, plus close to both sides of the plaza''s north and south are collectively referred to as the ''Red House''.

  Red House (Source: the distant snow
Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei City Government Committee in November 2007 by the Taipei Culture Foundation operations management by organizing cultural and creative activities to re-shape: octagonal building on the second floor theater, the central pavilion, the Babolat grid, Red House Tea House, Red House Boutique District Cross House 16 Kobo Winchance hatch dream base, Riverside creative market Ximen Red House Showcase Pavilion and North Square, open-air cafes and the South Square area pluralism block, jointly led Simon energy the Honglou overall public service, to create a new creative space to explore the ethnic groups to visit, to expand Taipei arts old and new overlap borders and pages, and successful transition Taipei freshmen of cultural and creative industries development center in 2008 won the seventh Taipei Urban Landscape Award history space activation Award(http://www.best-news.us/).
Red House in 2009 and then took over the ''Taipei movie theme park'' planning ''Urban Show Case urban art box'' public art installations, to create a memory space belonging to a city, and in 2010 the ''urban makeup of public open space,'' Gold Medal, more begin the ''the Ximending pedestrian precinct buskers performing management, multi-point series, the arts and culture extends serial dual effective integrated in ground force expansion activities, the head and tail, synchronization prosperity Ximending overall circle, for the full year 2009 were conducted with thousands of field of arts and cultural activities, accumulated over four million visitors, has become a stronghold of Western cultural and creative development, the continuation of the Incubation creative brand concept in 2010, hatched a dream to build cultural and creative cross floor base as exhibitions and sales platform, innovative space combined with the octagonal floor a hundred years style, showing the new face of the monument.
Central Pavilion
Red House, designed and remodeled in 1908 by the Government House Construction and Maintenance Division Japanese architect Kondo Juro 2008 has expired 100 years, the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Taipei City Archives the theme ''Rise of blessing • Red House Story'' special planning Red House Centennial Exhibition, and in January 2009 added to the permanent exhibition by the Museum in September 2010, more contemporary Honglou creative atmosphere of the introduction of the exhibition presents Red House emerging artistic vigor specific image.
Ximen Red House Tea House
Red House the teahouse to promote Taiwan Tea, Tea Shop is the spirit of the brand, rich flavor and Ximending creative food culture teahouse, now more cooperation with different cultural and creative team, organize creative exhibitions, such as Heidi bud, exhibition, fun pleased Antique Shop theme concept exhibition P714 theme creation Exhibition glass want the country creative concept Exhibition retro flavor combination of creative vitality.
The second floor of the theater
Ximen Red House on the second floor theater theater culture planning direction dark red wooden tables and chairs with red brick walls of monuments unique, chic space and atmosphere, providing a pleasant experience in the audience plays Sunday afternoon, and swaying with the century elegance theater, become a bustling attractions tourists stop venue space planning another foreign rental use, the form of a wide range of activities, exhibitions, press conference and awards ceremony to monuments space more activation use.
16 Kobo
Uphold the ''create bazaars platform'' with the concept of ''nurturing a vibrant creative'' under the leadership of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei City Government, Taipei Culture Foundation, Red House Cross House, where, actively promote the cultural and creative Incubation Program, 16 Kobo Simon Honglou the development of cultural and creative industries center of the lead to stagnation(Travel News http://www.best-news.us/). cohesion energy of the cultural and creative designers and creative goods and consumer dialogue space.
Red House Winchance hatched dream base
Continuation of the the 16 Kobo creative brand, in the the Cross second floor planning in September 1999 Winchance the hatching dreams bases '', combined exhibition and sales platform and unite the strength of the brand and Incubation Center.
North Square
Since July 2007, the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Taipei Culture Foundation in North Square planning Red House creative market, a large number of young creative artists together lively stall, and attracted a large number of tourists from Taipei creative life come to buy merchandise. every holiday, many creative artists will together lively stall, in addition to the creative market, recently held a wide variety of press conference, concerts, award ceremonies and other activities.
Showcase culture can be likened to a river that Riverside has crossed the river upstream of the rapids and bumpy, officially entered the plains to carry and convergence period will be slightly self-confidence, led the group to grow together and riparian Orchestra, to the bigger stage.
South Square
South Plaza since September 2008, ''Simon food retail market, a vendor council management, open-air cafes in this sprouted like mushrooms, driven by the vitality of the South Square, every night falls, small groups The young people always like to Meet to chat or products Moet merry rest.
Red House
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00-21:30, Friday - Saturday 11:00-22:00, Monday Closed
Address: No. 10, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei
MRT: the Bannan line (blue) Ximen MRT station Exit 1, walk about 1 minute
Bus: triple passenger (Wugu - Taipei, and Hong Kong - the north gate, Huilong - Taipei), 3, Blue 2,9,12,18,25,49,52,201,202,205,206,209,212 , 218,221,223,231,232,233,234,235,253,257,513,624,621,640 Ximen MRT station, Simon market get off
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